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Matt Barber Columnist: All Gay-Friendly Christians Must Also Be Executed

"Many claiming Christians will express their support for the sodomites, and they many times will bring up the 'love of Christ' to vindicate their support for them. Let us remind such people that no where in Scripture is evil tolerated simply because it does not physically or directly harm someone, or because it is private. In fact, Christianity is so much against allowing private deviancy, that it says that those who 'approve of those who practice them' are 'worthy of death' (Romans 1:32). This means that opinions expressed in favor for homosexuality and other deviancies (such as cannibalism), are worthy of capital punishment. This purely illustrates that Christianity is so much against the license to do evil — even if it is done in private — that it prohibits any approval of it." - Theodore Shoebat, who yesterday called for Christians to burn the "fag flag."

RELATED: The above-linked post is from Shoebat's site. He and his father Walid Shoebat are regular contributors to Matt Barber's BarbWire. In April 2015 Theodore Shoebat called for executing all gay people.

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