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Prince Rogers Nelson Of Darkness

Prince has clearly signed a deal with Satan. I just saw his 48-year old Purple Badness in Bryant Park, performing on Good Morning America, and he looks younger than he did when I last saw him in person, 25 years ago during the Controversy tour. Opening with his single Get On The Boat (from this year's 3121) , then bringing on Tamal Davis to perform Red Head Stepchild, Prince looked amazing. Just unbelievable. As did the eternal Sheila E, who played front and center standing behind her drum kit. Would you believe Sheila E will be 50 next year? Prince closed with a shortened version of Let's Go Crazy, and I joined the throngs of cube dwellers heading for their elevators.

If you are in Manhattan on a Friday morning, I suggest checking out the Good Morning America shows at Bryant Park. Much more accessible than the screamfests that the Today Show puts on over at Rock Center, the shows at Bryant Park usually start right at 8:30am and end before 9:00. The crowd for Prince was far bigger than any I've seen in Bryant Park, probably well over 5000. Usually, you can get fairly close to the stage. I've been quite close for Dixie Chicks, Pink and a few others. You only get a 30 minute show, usually 3-4 songs with introductions and commercial breaks, but whaddya want fuh nuttin?


- Prince has worked under numerous psuedonyms, including: Jamie Starr, Joey Coco, Alexander Nevermind and Tora Tora.
- Sheila E is Nicole Ritchie's aunt.
- Tito Puente was Sheila E's godfather.

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