Main | Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tomorrow: Folsom Bound

Folsom Street
On the way to Polk and Castro
You don't find them finer
Freedom, freedom is in the air, yeah
Searching for what we all treasure : pleasure
Cycles, cycles in the night shining bright
Bright neon nights tell a glory story
Leather! Leather! Leather, baby!
Levi's and T's are the best now all right

Dress the way you please, a
nd put your mind at ease
It's a city known for its freedom
Cycles shining bright, b
reak the silence of the night
Inhibitions? No!
You don't need them!
No! No! No!

San Francisco,
San Francisco
City by the Bay, yeah

You've got me

Download: San Francisco - Village People, 1977

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