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Review of Hot House porn video Justice, after the jump. Contains some relatively tame but possibly NSFW photos.

From Hot House, a San Francisco-based outfit that is successfully working the lightly-tread line between the pretty boys of Bel Ami and the hairy daddies of Titan Media, comes Justice, a 16-man round-bobbin' of fucking, fisting and lots of enormous dildo action. Starring uber-bottom Shane Rollins, Justice works the familiar gay porn prison milieu, working on themes of interrogation, rape, body cavity searches and joyous cellblock showtune singalongs. OK, maybe that last scene doesn't exist, but wouldn't it be great if it did?

Rollins' (above left) buttrape victim theatrics ("No! No! Stop! No, you can't I don't...well, OK.") are only outdone by sexycruel Robert Van Damme's (above right) probing (groan) interrogation technique. And I do love that precise moment at which the struggling turns into hunger.

Standouts among the large cast are hard to pick, but I particularly dug lone-furryman Ty Hudson (above left) and crew-cutted hottie Jordan Vaughn (above right). Rounding out the cast are: Brad Star, Carlos Morales, Duke Michaels, Kent North, Marc Williams, Marco Paris, Mike Roberts, Nick Horn, Nick Piston, Parker Williams, Tony Mecelli, and Trevor Knight.

For those tracking their pet fetish, Hot House materials list the following for Justice: Anal, Buttplay, Daddies, Dildos, Fisting, Foreskin, Group Sex, Hairy, Interracial, Oral, Rimming, Roleplay, Tattoos, Group Musical Theatre Singalong*, Uniforms.

*Again, not really. Dammit.

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