Main | Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tawana? Anyone?

The worst part about this "NYPD fires 50 shots at unarmed men" case, is that now we must all suffer, all 8 million of us, through yet another marathon of Al Sharpton's race-baiting, spotlight stealing grandstanding, as he forces the mayor to have him at his side during press conferences, lest Sharpton unleash even more of his standard histrionic, counter-productive, riot inciting, buffoonery. The case iself is a mess. It's a giant shit sandwich for the mayor and the police chief and the entire NYPD. Therefore, it's exactly the kind of disaster that a megalomaniac like Sharpton bottom-feeds upon. Gah.

(Shameful Disclosure: During the 2004 election, I took one of those dumb 20-part memetic political quizzes purported to reveal which candidate most closely supported your views. I scored 100% Al Sharpton and my brain immediately began leaking out of my ears in protest.)

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