Main | Wednesday, November 22, 2006

While Shopping This Weekend, Remember....

I would never ordinarily support shopping at Wal-Mart, but those wack-ack-acky fundies will be out in force this weekend, protesting Wal-Mart's recent membership in the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber Of Commerce. I support sodomy. Do you? (See what the fundies have driven me to? Supporting Wal-Mart! They's evil, evil I tells ya!)

UPDATE: Alert readers have pointed out a new wrinkle, as Wal-Mart is now waffling on its previous position and the fundies have just called off their boycott. I feel sorry for the Wal-Mart bureaucrats, caught between their seeming desire to do the right thing, and the radical nonsense of the fundies, who have mischaracterized Wal-Mart's membership in the NGLCC as a tacit corporate endorsement of gay marriage, dog fucking, and drinking the blood of the unborn.

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