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Rave Reviews For The Big Voice

The Big Voice: God Or Merman, written by and starring my pals Steve Shalchlin and Jim Brochu, just garnered some fantastic reviews. I don't know if this guarantees that the show will be a big hit, but I'd suggest getting your tickets while you can. Congrats Steve and Jim!

New York Times:

Our contemporary embrace of the memoir is a longing for the true adventures of life. The trick is to make memory art without losing the awkwardness that proves authenticity. Here art is achieved with light hands, and the result is a triumphant and very touching song of praise to everyday love and the funky glories of the show business life.


The Big Voice" is unconventional and perhaps unlikely, but this story of a mismatched couple, musical comedy-style, is funny, touching and warmly endearing. Think of a "[title of show]" as told not by Generation X-ers but a pair of aging boomers who both wrote and perform the show.


There are all different kinds of love stories. This one is as much about love of theater as it is about a 22-year relationship between two very talented men. Alternately hilarious and deeply moving, The Big Voice: God or Merman? should not be missed.

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