Main | Thursday, January 18, 2007

Canadian Marriage Stats

Some interesting marriage stats came out of Canada today. British Columbia, which apparently tracks these things more than the rest of Canada, reported:

-Those entering into same-sex marriage were an average of 13 years older than hets getting married. The average age for gay men getting married was 44, for lesbians it was 42.

-As we've seen in Massachusetts, lesbians outmarried gay men, although not by such lopsided numbers. Of 774 same-sex marriages, 422 were lesbian, 352 were gay men. Only 3.5% of all marriages were same-sex, versus 5.5% for Massachusetts (in 2005).

-Over half of gay marriages involved non-Canadians, but only 5% of hetero marriages involved those that live outside of Canada, which suggests that BC has a thriving gay wedding industry that draws heavily from the U.S. west coast.

It still surprises me that younger gay people are not running headlong into marriage. All along, I've feared that we'd see an unfortunate rash of giddy boys in love getting married, but I'm glad that's not happening.

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