Main | Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Diana Ross Loves You

"Yes, I've heard a lot about it. I'm going to see it with my lawyers." - Diana Ross, joking on last night's CBS Late Show, when David Letterman asked her if she wasn't curious about Dreamgirls. Ross said that she'd been too busy to see the movie and had never seen the musical, but was otherwise gracious about Beyonce' Knowles. She also mentioned that she will appear on this season's American Idol.

Ross then performed a rather limp cover version of Spiral Starecase's 1969 hit, More Today Than Yesterday, which is on her latest release. Her new album, I Love You, was released months ago in the UK but just launched in the U.S. yesterday. The album is all covers, save the title track, and includes her take on Heatwave's quiet storm classic, Always And Forever. Here's a ten-minute promo for the "new release" that was posted on YouTube back in September.

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