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Protesting Is Sexy!

A reader sent me this pic of a very sexy concerned citizen keeping track of U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales claiming "I don't recall" over and over again during his Senate testimony. YouTube has the embarrassing video. Employing your civic right to comment on our government's abuses is sexy. Muscular arms are sexy. Beards are sexy. And Alberto Gonzales is a non-sexy putz emblematic of the sinking, stinking morass of ethical cesspoolery that defines the Bush II regime.

UPDATE: The protester's name is Adam Kokesh and he's a member of Iraq Veterans Against The War. Gonzales' testimony was also protested by Code Pink, a women's peace organization, garnering them a great photo in Friday's NY Times. Thanks to DC blogger Chrisafer for the information! Princess Sparkle Pony also has great shot of Adam.

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