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Radical Homos Zap Speaker Quinn

Yesterday the activist group Radical Homosexual Agenda staged a protest at City Hall during the speech of openly lesbian City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, claiming that Quinn was the "civilian agent" of a new NYPD policy that subjects to arrest the members of any group of 49 persons or more that gathers without an approved NYPD permit. Activists claim this new rule was created in secret, with no public hearings and has no basis in statute. The hundreds of gays on hand loudly booed the protesters. Quinn is widely expected to succeed Michael Bloomberg as NYC mayor.

The protest came as City Hall was in the midst of their annual Celebration Of LGBT Rights, a peculiar time for a protest perhaps, but organizers claim that Quinn has made herself otherwise unavailable to discuss the new policy, which she apparently does not deny is partly her doing. After the protesters were removed by police to the cheers of the audience, Quinn told those remaining that she was willing to meet with anyone to discuss NYPD rules on assembly. On an NYPD-related note, for the first time in 16 years, Heritage of Pride will not stage its annual post-parade PrideFest, the NYPD having denied their request to relocate the event to Chelsea.

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