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Design Flaw

NYC Eagle, Sunday, 9pm

Guy 1: So anyway, we had a really good weekend together. He's totally perfect for me, except for- and I hate to say this - his apartment.
Guy 2: Why? Is he a slob?
Guy 1: Oh, no. Everything is spotless. You could eat off the floor.
Guy 2: So the problem is......
Guy 1: The problem is his place is total tchotchke HELL. Seriously, he has like all these, I don't know, Hummels or whatever. And all this QVC crap. It's everywhere. All. Over. I just wish he wasn't such a hot fuck. So disappointing.
Guy 2: Hey, I've got lots of knick knacks lying around too. So what? I like to collect things.
Guy 1: And you've been single how long?
Guy 2: Shut up!

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