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The Republican & The Rent Boy, Chapter 3

And the hits keep coming. Washington state Rep. Richard Curtis (R-La Center), whose voting record includes voting against gay domestic partners legislation and against a bill protecting gays from job discrimination, is the subject of a police investigation involving a male prostitute who is accused of attempting to blackmail the right-wing pol.

Yesterday Curtis denied that he is gay, adding, "I committed no crime. I did not solicit sex. I was trying to help somebody out." However, a Spokane television station reported that the two men had a sexual relationship and had been seen together "at various spots around town." Openly gay Rep. Jim Moeller, (D-Vancouver) says he's never heard rumors about Curtis' sexual orientation. "Richard appears to be a happily married man to me," said Moeller.

I really should make it easy on myself and just create a template for these posts. I could just drop in the Republican, city, gay scandal and hit "publish." Also, I find it curious that news reports make no mention of Curtis' outrageous hairpiece.

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