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Swag Tuesday

This week's Swag Tuesday giveaway is the soundtrack to RuPaul's new movie, Starrbooty, due out on DVD on October 30th. I caught a screening of Starrbooty back in June, just before the movie opened at NYC's Newfest and the music was killer. There don't appear to be plans to release the physical soundtrack separately at this point (although it is availabe on iTunes), so this could be a collectors item.

About the movie: RuPaul is Starrbooty, a top (well, actually a bottom as you'll soon see) secret ops agent who is plunged into chaos when her niece is kidnapped by long-time nemesis and fellow indulger of flawless skin and skin-tight couture, Annaka Manners (Candis Cayne). It seems that Miss Not-So-Nice Manners has a devious plot to snatch hookers off the street so that she can cut em up and sell em off one piece at a time. Starrbooty is forced to go "undercover ho" to rescue her niece... and her own true identity.

The soundtrack has 25 cuts, including several choice bits of dialogue from the movie, and the hit title song, Call Me Starrbooty. I've got three copies of the Starrbooty soundtrack to give away. Please remember to leave your email address and only your first comment counts. Publicists: If you'd like to take part in Swag Tuesday on JMG, please email me.


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