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Coulter Wants To See Hillary's Dead Body

Ann Coulter was on Fox News on Tuesday to say that she originally thought that Obama's recent surge in the polls was faked because the MSM was "bored" and trying to make the Democratic campaign into a "horse race." Coulter admitted to being surprised that Obama's rise in the polls was actual and that Clinton may be in trouble. Then:

Coulter: "But I won't believe it until we see the dead body."

Host John Gibson: "You don't mean that literally."

Coulter laughed and said nothing.

Gibson tried to cover for Coulter: "All right, you DON'T mean that literally. Can she lose the first two or three primaries and still emerge as the candidate?"

Coulter: "It's possible. I would love to see this national pestilence finished off once and for all. The primary would be great. If not, I'll take the general election."

RELATED: Coulter has also wished for the death of John Edwards.

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