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A Gotham Threeway

According to the Wall Street Journal , aides to Michael "Not A Presidential Candidate" Bloomberg are hoping for a Clinton-Giuliani showdown after the primaries.
One scenario -- and the one aides are hoping for -- would be a race between fellow New Yorkers Hillary Clinton and former Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Sen. Clinton's negative rating is the highest in either party, while Mr. Giuliani's is the highest among Republicans. That match-up could make what supporters see as Mr. Bloomberg's "above the fray" image more appealing. Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Giuliani are also seen as moderate on social issues, which could mute opposition to Mr. Bloomberg from the religious right. "If the parties nominate polarizing candidates...then there's plenty of room" for Mr. Bloomberg, independent pollster John Zogby said.
With both Clinton and Giuliani suffering recent declines in the polling, a "subway series" no longer seems like such a lock, but how interesting it would be to have a three-way NYC-based presidential race. If Giuliani is the Yankees and Clinton is the Mets, who does that make Bloomberg?

Interesting to note: Ross Perot spent $65M running for president in 1992. Bloomberg spent $84M to run for mayor in 2005. Word is, he's prepared to spend a billion dollars of his own money to run for president.

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