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Pride Agenda Provides Fodder
To Giuliani Opponents

The Empire State Pride Agenda has commented on Rudy Giuliani's notable retreat from his previously vigorous support for LGBT rights by releasing a list of major accomplishments achieved during his two terms as NYC mayor.
Rudy Giuliani was Mayor of New York City from 1994 – 2001. During his time as Mayor, he worked with NYC’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community to advance a number of important civil rights issues. While the LGBT community often differed with Mayor Giuliani, it also agreed with him in a number of critical areas and was able to work with him to achieve real gains that improved our lives and those of our families.

Not only did Giuliani show a willingness to engage in a dialogue with the LGBT community, he:

* took part in the annual NYC Pride March and held annual Pride celebrations at Gracie Mansion where he lived as Mayor

* established and funded a Hate Crimes Task Force in 2000 so the City could fully investigate and prosecute bias cases

* was one of the first Republicans in New York to publicly support a statewide and federal hate crimes bill that included violence motivated by anti-gay hatred

* supported the passage of a statewide sexual orientation non-discrimination bill

* maintained $1.5 million in funding in the City’s budget for the LGBT community center’s capital campaign

* made high-level appointments of openly LGBT people to his administration

* signed domestic partner legislation in 1998 that at the time was the strongest such bill of its kind in the nation

While as a candidate for President, Giuliani has distanced himself from most of his earlier positions on LGBT issues, the documents and video clips that follow portray the Rudy Giuliani that earned him the “pro-gay” label he still carries with him today in his race for the U.S. Presidency.
Go here to view the video clips referenced above. The Empire State Pride Agenda notes that they did not support or endorse Giuliani during either of his mayoral campaigns. Their list will surely prove valuable to Giuliani's Republican opponents as they race to the bottom to prove who is the most anti-gay.

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