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Maryland Marriage Equality Bill
To Be Introduced Tomorrow

Maryland legislators will introduce a marriage equality bill tomorrow.
Two state senators, including one who is openly gay, will lead efforts to pass the Religious Freedom & Civil Marriage Protection Act in Maryland.

Sens. Rich Madaleno and Jamie Raskin, two Democrats from Montgomery County, were to be named as lead sponsors on the bill when it’s introduced. The bill was expected to hit the Maryland General Assembly no later than Friday.

“We’re up to 40 co-sponsors in the House and nine in the Senate,” said Carrie Evans, policy director at Equality Maryland. “We’re trying to pick up one more to make it a nice, even 50 for Friday.”

Written to make valid marriages of “two people,” the bill also makes clear that churches may continue to choose whom to marry. It was drafted after Maryland’s highest court in September upheld a state law restricting marriage to straight couples.
Lawmakers will stage an 11:30am press conference tomorrow to announce the bill's introduction.

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