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Swag Tuesday

In a switch from our usual media giveaways, today's Swag Tuesday booty (heh) is Boy Butter, the popular lube from the company owned by friend-of-JMG Eyal Feldman. Boy Butter has made quite a name for itself in the few years since Eyal created it.
History was made in December of 2005 when Boy Butter's chemists created an industry first; the first stable water based cream form personal lubricant ever. Traditionally cream lubricants are oil based and therefore not conducive to safe sex. By the Summer of 2006 a successful spin off, You'll Never Know It Isn't Boy Butter , the first cream lubricant to be water based and condom safe and as full of kitsch as the original Boy Butter. " The tub versions remained popular but our new squeeze bottles quickly shot up to become our bestsellers.

Boy Butter and You'll Never Know It Isn't Boy Butter has been mentioned or seen on popular TV shows such as Mad T.V., The Daily Show, Logo's Noah's Arc, Saturday Night Live, E's Talk Soup, Talking Sex with Sue Johansen, and Showtime's the L Word. The product maybe be fun and kitschy but the lubricants are amazing, the epitome of creativity and utility.
You can order your own Boy Butter here and here is a cute video of Eyal himself describing his product. Enter to win Boy Butter by commenting on this post. Please remember to leave your email address. Publicists: if you'd like to take part in Swag Tuesday on JMG, please email me.


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