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Unsafe At Any Speed

Hillary's reaction:
Speaking to reporters on board her campaign plane, Mrs. Clinton expressed surprise at the news that Mr. Nader planned to run. “I don’t know what to say,” she said, when a reporter asked for comment. “Wow, that’s really unfortunate. I remember when he did this before. It’s not good for anybody, especially our country. I didn’t know that he had said that this morning. Obviously it’s not helpful to whoever our Democratic nominee is. But it’s a free country and I don’t know what party he’ll run on. What did he run on last time, does anybody remember?

The Green Party, a reporter replied.

“Well, you know his being on the Green Party prevented Al Gore from being the greenest president we’ve ever had,” Mrs. Clinton said. “And I think that’s really unfortunate.”
For those who don't remember, in 2000 Bush "won" Florida by less than 500 votes after Nader took 97,000 votes.

And here we are in this mess.

Let's not forget that the Republican Leadership Council actually ran pro-Nader ads in states where they thought he could do the most damage to Al Gore.

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