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The Bearded (First) Lady?

Florida Governor Charlie Crist is trotting around a new female, hoping to fell those pesky gay rumors as he continues to angle to be McCain's running mate.
Charlie is successful, good looking, charming, single. He lives in a mansion and drives a Mustang convertible. But "Charlie" just so happens to be Charlie Crist, 51-year-old bachelor governor of Florida. And lately a much talked-about potential running mate for Republican presidential nominee John McCain. So when Crist earlier this month introduced 38-year-old socialite Carole Rome as "my girlfriend" at a Governor's Mansion reception, tongues wagged: Could she be 'the one,' the future first lady of Florida? Or even, a vice president's wife?
Maybe Dina McGreevey should have a little chat with Ms. Rome. Ya think?

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