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Domestic Abuse Protection For NYC Gays

If your significant other is getting abusive, you may soon have redress in New York City.
Legislation will be introduced next week in New York City council to make it easier for same-sex partners in abusive relationships to seek help. The measure is sponsored by Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Mayor Michael Bloomberg. It would allow anyone who is living, or has lived, with their attacker the right to seek an order of protection.

Under current New York law, victims can only take civil action against someone they've been married to or have children with. It means that a partner in a same-sex relationship must file a criminal complaint with police. Unless the partner has been physically attacked there is little police can do.

"Domestic violence manifests itself in lesbian and gay relationships at the same rate it does in heterosexual relationships," Quinn in announcing the bill. "Passing a bill like this will also send a message to people who may be in LGBT or other relationships that they now have a new avenue."
I'll confess that I would have thought that this issue had long ago been addressed in NYC.

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