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Has Ford Surrendered To The Wingnuts? Again?

Has Ford once again capitulated to the demands of the wingnuts? The American Family Association is claiming that Ford has bowed to their boycott. From WingNutDaily:
In the face of plummeting car sales, Ford Motor Company has taken steps to reduce its aggressive pro-homosexual policies, thus prompting a family-rights group to call off its boycott of the carmaker.

...AFA Chairman Donald Wildmon said the original agreement between the family group and Ford contained four items:

1. Ford would not renew current promotions or create future incentives that give cash donations to homosexual organizations based on the purchase of a vehicle.
2. Ford would not make corporate donations to homosexual organizations that, as part of their activities, engage in political or social campaigns to promote civil unions or same-sex marriage.
3. Ford would stop giving cash and vehicle donations or endorsements to homosexual social activities such as 'gay'-pride parades.
4. Ford would cease all advertising on homosexual websites and through homosexual media outlets (magazines, television, radio) in the U.S. with the exception of $100,000 to be used by Volvo. The Volvo ads would be the same ads used in the general media and not aimed at the homosexual community specifically.

Wildmon said a few minor issues remain, and AFA will continue to bring these to the attention of Ford.

There has been no statement from Ford. You may recall the automaker hastily pulling its ads from gay magazines a few years ago when this mess first started, but then reentering the gay market after an outcry from LGBT rights groups.

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