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Sally Kern Lightens Up

After a meeting with a local PFLAG chapter, archenemy to the gays Sally Kern softened her hate, saying that she now agrees with workplace protections for LGBT people.

Via PageOneQ:
Hosting a group of parents from Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays in her office at the state capitol today, Oklahoma House Rep. Sally Kern has taken a stand opposing discrimination against gays in the workplace. The embattled lawmaker is also considering another meeting with more PFLAG parents at their local chapter, sources tell PageOneQ.
To my mind, PFLAG is one of the most powerful (if underutilized) tools in the fight for gay equality. Only PFLAG, a coalition of families, could get through to someone like Sally Kern. There's a reason that the loudest cheers at every pride parade happen though wet eyes as PFLAG goes by. Kudos to them. AND to her. For this, anyway.

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