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Morning View - Lauderdale Beach Erosion

My mom sent us this photo of the erosion of Fort Lauderdale's gay beach over the weekend. A combination of high winds and high tides caused by a storm off of North Carolina sent waves crashing over the seawall along A1A and washed away lifeguard towers. Beach erosion in southern Broward County is a continuous problem as the proliferation of hotels and condos has interfered with natural replenishment.

Three years ago the county spent over $20M on a project to widen the beaches from John Lloyd Park to the county line, but now they are working on an experimental plan to blast a 7-acre hole in the sea bed off of Port Everglades and dredge up that sand to try again. And of course, condo owners near the blast area are protesting. Also, what's my mom doing at the gay beach?

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