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# This Week In 1974

Ringo Starr's cover of Johnny Burnette's 1960 #8 hit, You're Sixteen, hit #1 for one week in January 1974. It was Starr's second of two #1's as a solo artist, the other being 1973's Photograph. Paul McCartney plays the kazoo, making You're Sixteen the only #1 record in history to feature a kazoo solo. You should be able to identify the now world famous 16 year-old in this video, although I'm thinking that these days people would take a dim view of a scruffy-looking 33 year-old rock star singing about his 16 year-old lover.

TRIVIA: As a solo artist, Ringo Starr scored ten Top 40 hits, his last in 1981. In addition to the two #1's listed above, his biggest hits were 1971's It Don't Come Easy (#4), 1972's Back Off Boogaloo (#9), 1974's Oh My My (#5), 1974's Only You (And You Alone) (#6), and 1975's No No Song (#3).

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