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Live Stream: California Supreme Court Hearing On Overturning Prop 8


Oral arguments on overturning Proposition 8 begin at the California Supreme Court in San Francisco at 9am local time (noon on the East Coast.) I recommend opening this post in a separate window at once, as you may not be able to get on to this live stream later. If this video feed crashes, you can try Cal Channel, but they already have a warning posted about heavy traffic. A live feed is also available from SF's CBS station.

As you follow the proceedings, keep in mind that the questions asked by the justices will likely be predictive of their decision.

UPDATE: I should have mentioned that this live stream will go silent when local commercials are being aired.

UPDATE II: Well, THAT didn't go very well did it? I found much of the argument delivered on our behalf to be hesitant and on occasion, almost laughably bumbled. In particular, California Deputy Attorney General Christopher Krueger seemed completely out of his league, tripping over his words and inserting a too-casual "ya know" into every other sentence. Horrible. On the other hand, Chief Deputy San Francisco Attorney Therese Stewart was highly articulate and forceful. She rocked. But sadly, I must admit that Ken Starr earned his coin today, he was as smooth as a snake. It seems to me that Justice Joyce Kennard is poised to reverse her earlier vote in support of marriage equality, swinging the court to a 4-3 vote against us. I don't think things bode well for us. I sure hope I'm wrong.

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