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Moderate Mormons Launch Apology Site

The Advocate reports that a group of progressive/moderate Mormons have launched a site asking their church to apologize for anti-gay activism and to soften their attitude towards gay people.
The site,, calls on LDS leaders in a petition to stop antigay policies and fundraising. It also includes historical information about Mormon work to ban same-sex marriage, details about official Mormon teachings on homosexuality, and the names of gay Mormons who have committed suicide. Anyone may sign the petition. Organizers told the AP that the site was created in response to the Mormon church’s role in the passage of Prop 8 in California in November. They plan to gather signatures through the fall and then deliver the petition to LDS headquarters in Salt Lake City on November 4, the first anniversary of the Prop 8 vote.
As noted above, anybody may sign the petition.

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