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No Veto Override In Anchorage

Last week the mayor of Anchorage vetoed a gay rights bill that had passed the city's assembly by one vote. And now it looks like there will be no attempt to override his veto.
The Anchorage Assembly has less than two weeks left to override the mayor's veto of the gay rights ordinance. But the ordinance's author says it likely will not be done. Patrick Flynn says the Assembly would have to start all over if it wants to pass the ordinance. According to Flynn, it simply does not have the support -- it would take eight votes to override the mayor's veto and the ordinance only passed seven votes. Flynn says the ordinance was an attempt to get rid of discrimination against gays, lesbians and transgender people. Critics say it would intrude on freedom of religion.
Over 30 years ago the current Anchorage mayor's father vetoed similar legislation.

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