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This Week In Holy Crimes

Over the last seven days...

New York: Pastor Victor Figueroa sued for $30M for sexually assaulting congregant.
Alabama: Pastor John Picard convicted of 42 counts of sexual battery of six women.
Ontario: Father Bernard Prince defrocked by the Vatican for his conviction for molesting 13 boys.
Virginia: Pastor Gregory Biehl pleads guilty to possession of kiddie porn. Biehl was formerly convicted of climbing a tree to videotape a woman undressing.
North Carolina: Pastor Keith Devon Pettis charged with molesting 12 year-old girl.
Alabama: Pastor David Webb sued by underage victim he transported across state lines for the purposes of sex. Webb was sentenced to five years in prison in May.
Louisiana: Pastor Martin Denesse accused of defrauding 175 people out of the money they paid him to secure a FEMA trailer home after Hurricane Katrina.
Oklahoma: Pastor Joshua Spires charged with ten counts of child molestation.
Virginia: Pastor Steven Bruce Joplin charged with five counts of felony child molestation of pre-teen girls.
Peru: Father Antonio Jose Calle arrested for molesting 9 year-old girl with Down's Syndrome.
New York: Rabbi Yaskov Weiss charged with molesting two 13 year-old boys.

This Week's Winner-
Florida: Pastor Wiklan Moran-Mora didn't want his wife to catch him cheating, so he concocted his own kidnapping, sending his wife multiple text messages saying he was negotiating his release from his captors, all so he could spend more time with his mistress. Moran-Mora's wife called the police and more than a dozen Hillsborough County deputies closed in on his cell phone signal, finding him with his paramour.

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