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Freepers On Folsom

Since Porno Pete LaBarbara just loves to repost JMG comments as proof of how gays are big horrible meanies, let's take a quick stroll through the God-fearing, church going, hands-to-Jeebus crowd at Free Republic as they react to a San Francisco Chronicle photo essay about yesterday's Folsom Street Fair.

- "I’d rather die in Scranton than live in San Fagcisco."
- "If these freaks don’t succumb to some std first , they will at least die out of the gene pool."
- "Talk about parading a sin. Could you imagine an adulterer’s parade. A bestiality parade. A Pedophile parade. A manslaughter’s parade."
- "folsom street.....puts the “filthy disease” in “ridden queers”..."
- "San Fags4!tscum used to be a nice city before it became homoville."
- "It’s such a shame—San Francisco itself is a beautiful city but the pervert crowd and tinpot liberals are a blight of wretched puke who occupy it."
- "Thank God I left this cesspool of sick freaks 2 years ago. It was hell on earth. I consider these pictures prime advertising for the coming 8.0 earthquake. Good Riddance, West Sodom!"

Praise Jeebus! Glorify His Name! Kill them dirty diseased queers for us, Oh Mighty Smiter!

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