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Ozzie & Harriet For Opposite Marriage

The bigots behind Washington state's Referendum 71 are using the iconic 50s television show Ozzie & Harriet in their latest leaflet. Of course, we know that the kids of the real life Nelson family weren't exactly paragons of marital virtue, just like the many, many marriages under the belts of R-71's backers. Lurleen at Pam's House Blend rips into it:
Indeed they made a beautiful family, and for all I know were blissful together. But that didn't result in sons David and Ricky Nelson growing up to be good fathers or husbands. Ricky's wife Kristin gave birth 6 months after their wedding. After making 3 more children, they divorced. David had two kids with his first wife, divorced and then remarried. The leaflet authors would label such people fornicators, adulterers and home-wreckers. Much like several of the leaflet authors themselves. Rep. Matt Shea is divorced, campaign manager Larry Stickney has divorced twice and married three times, and I have it on good authority that campaign attorney and strategist Stephen Pidgeon is on his fourth marriage, leaving children dotted across several states. Did the many children these men produced have the benefit of their biological father at home?
One man and one woman, for life! Er, one man and one woman and a mistress, a divorce, another affair, another divorce. Repeat as necessary. The sanctity of serial marriage must be preserved!

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