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PhoboQuotable - Mike Adams

"Some years ago, a man asked for my opinion on why his good friend, an atheist, had decided to go to Yale Divinity School. I told him that the Enemy could do more harm trying to destroy an institution from within than from without. And so it is with the so-called GLBT (Gilbert) movement. The Gilbert has equal rights. He is not fighting for anything. He is only seeking to destroy anyone or anything that will not validate him. That is why only 4% of gays who live in states giving them a 'right' to get married actually do get married. They do not seek to enjoy marriage. They seek to destroy marriage. All because it denies them validation.

"Originally, all Unitarians and Universalists were Christians who didn't believe in the Holy Trinity of God but, instead, in the unity of God. Later, they stressed the importance of 'rational thinking' and the 'humanity' of Jesus. Since the merger of the two denominations in 1961, Unitarian Universalism has emphasized 'social justice.' Hence the interest in the Gilbert movement. We live in a time when Gilberts are invading Christian denominations in an effort to destroy their core Christian beliefs. I intend to enroll in Meadville-Lombard Theological School in order to reverse this trend and bring the Unitarians and Universalists back to Christianity. I want to set them straight, so to speak. I want to save them before their symbol, the flaming chalice, is replaced by a flaming phallus." - columnist Mike Adams, announcing that he will become a minister in order to stem the nation's critical of shortage of hate-filled homophobic clergy.

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