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Homocons Vs. Homocons

In a profile of the Log Cabin Republicans over on the FrumForum, LCR's new executive director R. Clarke Cooper spends much of the piece dissing GOProud, who became the momentary darling of the right-wing after being slammed from the podium at CPAC earlier this year.
Cooper argues that LCR offers more resources to gay conservatives than any other political group. “LCR has a political action committee (PAC) to support Republican candidates. GoProud does not have a PAC. LCR has member-run chapters throughout the United States. GoProud does not have a membership base. LCR has an office with full time staff. GoProud does not have a fixed address. LCR has in-house registered lobbyists with Hill experience. GoProud does not have any presence on Capitol Hill. Finally, LCR has active litigation challenging the Obama Administration to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. GoProud does not have a presence in the courts” said Cooper.

When I asked him which group, GoProud or LCR, had more influence on Capitol Hill, Cooper did not hesitate, stating that “By virtue of our lobbying activity, growing relationship with the RNC, and regular contributions from our PAC, LCR is the influential entity on the Hill. Cooper acknowledged that while “LCR continues to be blessed with terrific pro bono and in-kind support for advocacy work,” the task of re-establishing the organization will take time: “Since there was a so-called quiet period over the last few years, LCR is having to catch up to our former ‘go to’ status. As several members of Congress recently said, “Welcome back. Where have you been?’”
Cooper says that the LCR will be participating in the RNC's "Reagan Initiative" to drive conservatives to the polls in November.

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