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NEW YORK CITY: Another Abercrombie Store Shut Down For Bedbug Infestation

One day after their Soho flagship Hollister store was shut down due to a massive infestation of bedbugs, today Abercrombie & Fitch has closed their South Street Seaport location for the same reason. Gothamist again has the story.
According to an Abercrombie & Fitch spokesperson, the store was closed to "deal with a similar problem" as Hollister's, i.e. the parasite that dare not speak its name. But don't worry, kids, the company has turned to Mayor Bloomberg for guidance. In a letter to Bloomberg, Abercrombie CEO Michael S. Jeffries asked for “leadership and guidance” on how best to address the problem, the Wall Street Journal reports. We're not trying to upstage the mayor, but it's pretty simple; they just need to wash all their clothes in extremely hot water (120°F minimum). And move.
Bedbugs and rabies. Welcome to New York City!

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