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NY Post Writer Quits For Priesthood

New York Post editorial writer and columnist John Wilson has quit the newspaper business to become a Catholic priest.

Wilson spent three years on the Post's editorial board, landing there immediately after graduating from Claremont McKenna College in California. "I definitely grew fond of tabloid journalism as such," he says. "I had a great time and I think I was able to do some meaningful work there." He added that the Post's reputation for racy headlines and occasionally bawdy humor had little to do with his decision to seek a life of celibacy and the spirit, and said he was able to infuse a little bit of the sacred into his work there. "The phrase you hear a lot of in priestly circles is 'Comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable,'" he said. "At the very least I hope I've managed to afflict some powerful and comfortable people at the Post."

From the right-wing homophobic NY Post to the Catholic Church. That's a short walk, innit?

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