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Quote Of The Day - Frum Report

"What is happening to the GOP? First our elected officials tire of bashing gays and now our pundits? Perhaps Republicans are beginning to see the writing on the wall. Public opinion is changing rapidly in favor of gay marriage rights. In just 10 years gay marriage has become legal in 10 countries, 5 U.S. States and the District of Columbia. A just released CNN poll found half of all U.S. citizens now support gay marriage and Columbia researcher Suzanne Goldberg reported on CNN that 'research indicates younger people are beginning to see sexual orientation as a benign variation'. Even the Tea Party has generally sat on the sideline on social issues, preferring to focus on matters of economics and less government.

"The religious right may be having a conniption, but younger Republicans increasingly appear to believe that opposing gay equality is inconsistent with a belief in increased liberty and smaller government. Although the religious right will continue to be a strong presence in the GOP for years to come, changing demographics are not on the side of anti-gay forces and the GOP appears to be awakening to this reality." - From guest blogger RD on the website of conservative commentator David Frum, in an essay titled GOP Drops Fight Against Gay Rights.

The Freepers, of course, have already labeled their erstwhile hero a traitor. And as always in Freepistan, all things LGBT boil down to buttsecks.

-"Frum is all excited about our children being taught that anal sex is normal and natural. How will Frum feel when his son is in a hospital at age 35 or 40, unable to hold his own feces in anymore? Something for the GOP parents to look forward to I guess."
-"Let's not forget the painful hemorrhoids requiring painful surgery leading up to the rectal prolapse, the genital warts, and the genital, oral or anal cancers."

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