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USMC Commandant: Religious Soldiers May Be Granted Separate Housing From Gays

USMC Commandant James Conway says that homo-fearing religious Marines may be granted separate barracks should DADT be repealed.
Conway suggested that if the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” law is repealed, the Marines may consider allowing Marines not to share quarters with homosexuals. Conway said the Marines may make such housing arrangements "voluntary" to accommodate any "moral concerns." He said many Marines are "very religious" and because of their moral concerns "don’t want to room" with homosexuals. But Conway stressed that if the law is repealed, the Marines would take the lead in implementing it. "We cannot be seen as dragging our feet. We've got two wars to fight. We'll implement it and move on," said Conway.
The last time this came up, the Pentagon claimed that they had only been considering adding shower curtains in barracks bathrooms.

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