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Arizona GOP Accused Of Fielding Fake Green Party Candidates

Democratic Party officials in Arizona have accused the GOP of creating fake Green Party candidates in order to split the Democratic vote in November.
The complaint names Rep. Jim Weiers, R-Phoenix; Steve May, a Republican candidate for the Legislature; and a House Republican staffer as complicit in an effort to register at least a half-dozen people as Green Party members so they could run as write-in candidates in last week's primary election. Republicans accused of the ploy denied any wrongdoing. Under state election law, it only takes one write-in vote for a person to qualify as a Green candidate on the Nov. 2 general-election ballot. The newly minted Green candidates have been disavowed by the Arizona Green Party and are running in races in which Democrats are believed to be competitive. Those races include secretary of state, treasurer, Arizona Corporation Commission and several legislative contests in swing districts.
One of the suspicious Green Party candidates is the roommate of the daughter of an Arizona GOP official.

UPDATE: JMG reader Homer notes that one of the accused GOP scamsters, Steve May, is an out gay man.

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