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PhoboQuotable- Matt Barber

"Let's say we had a group of people who defined their identity based upon a penchant for running headlong into brick walls. Oh, we'll call them, 'Wallies.' (Wally pride, baby!)

"As significant percentages of Wallies began to drop dead, or suffer irreversible brain damage, do you suppose the left would demand tolerance for such behavior? Do you think they'd begin handing out bicycle helmets in elementary schools, telling kids to practice safe walling? With liberals, anything's possible, but I'm more inclined to think that even the moonbat left might agree that people tending toward such behavior would be best served to simply avoid running headlong into walls altogether.

"I don't mean to be flip (okay, maybe a little flip) but can someone please tell me why on earth the left insists that we 'tolerate' homosexual behavior while – as the CDC has once again confirmed – it continues to have results similar to brick walling? We throw paper-thin latex condoms at kids who struggle with same-sex attraction and tell them: 'You're gay! Embrace who you are. Gay pride, baby!' We push them out onto a paper-thin latex tightrope with a one-in-five chance they'll plummet to their death." - Liberty Counsel rep Matt Barber, writing in a World Net Daily piece titled The 'Gay' Deathstyle.

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