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Amazon Launches "Bookstore Killer" App

Amazon has launched an iPhone app which allows users to scan the barcode of any title found in a bookstore and order it directly from them instead.
The latest version of Amazon Mobile, 1.2.8, contains a bar code scanner in its search screen. As with bar code scanners in other mobile apps, Amazon Mobile uses your iPhone's camera to take in a product's zebra-striped bar code. Amazon's servers then find a match, and after you select the item, you can sign in to your account to purchase the product on the spot. As on the regular Amazon Web site, you've got gift options and a choice of multiple shipping addresses. Just like before, you can also add the product to your wish list or cart for later purchasing.
Price comparison barcode scanning apps have already existed for a couple of years, but this one seems bound to be especially effective. A similar Amazon app was previously launched for the less popular Android.

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