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New York Yankees Promise To End Homophobic Taunting In The Stands

Responding to pressure from GLAAD, the New York Yankees have vowed to end homophobic taunting by their fans. The issue came to light on Tuesday thanks to a video (created by JMG reader Sean Chapin) which showed fans shouting an obscene version of Village People's YMCA at fans for opposing teams. Via GLAAD:
We reached out to the Yankees, and were extremely pleased with their reaction. Yankees spokesperson Alice McGillion told us “the Yankees have zero tolerance for this and any kind of abuse.” She said that security in the bleacher sections of the stadium will warn fans, before YMCA is played, that any type of homophobic abuse “will not be tolerated” and she assured us that any fans who take part in this ugly bullying will be ejected from the game. We’d like to thank McGillion and the Yankees organization for their prompt and proactive response.
The taunting has been a tradition at Yankee Stadium at least since 2006, when the original clip was first posted on YouTube, where it has received 200,000 views to date. Once again, here's Sean Chapin's version.

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