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WASHINGTON: 8PM Post-Rally JMG Reader Meet-Up At Green Lantern Bar

Based on reader responses and the advice of JMG-ers in DC, we've decided to hold next Saturday's DC reader meet-up at the Green Lantern, which is down an alley (Halloween! Spooky!) just off Thomas Circle near 1111 14th Street. (That's the address the bar manager suggested is easiest to find from the street.) The Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert rally runs noon to 3pm, so you'll have to time to rest up and grab dinner before we get to the bar at 8pm.

Green Lantern's costume contest is later that night, but they're bringing the staff on early in case there's a lot of us. Previous JMG meet-ups in NYC, Las Vegas, Montreal and San Francisco have ranged from 25-100 or so folks, but I have no idea how many of y'all are coming in for the rally. Rather than do a Facebook page on this, just hit the comments if you think you'll drop by. As always, we look forward to putting faces to screen names! UNRELATED: I've been advised to note that next Saturday is also the 4th annual Power Bottom Appreciation Day, which is the creation of DC-based JMG reader Durban Bud. Wait, maybe that's not unrelated. We'll decide when we meet you.

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