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Fifty Reasons To Love New York City

Today the Village Voice published a list titled "50 Reasons To Be Pretty Damn Euphoric You Live In New York City." Here's a few of my favorites.
50. Sending your laundry out for someone else to wash and dry it is not only convenient, it's just good business. Especially since you will probably never own a washer and dryer. Which means you never have to feel guilty about not doing your own laundry.
47. There is always someone crazier than you. ALWAYS.
44. The epic feeling you get running to catch a train and succeeding...just before the doors close.
36. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, there is someone who will bring it to you for a price, which may or may not be negotiable. (Or legal.)

The fact that one-bedroom apartments cost an average minimum of a half-million dollars means we think nothing of spending $12 on lunch.

Restaurants are as common as single men and women. And equally diverse. And you never have to see either of them again after the initial awkward encounter.

Subway "prewalking," in which you walk to the exact right spot on the platform to board the train car that will save you the most time upon exit, exists and has a name. Gotta respect.
5. We are, as a group, anti-fanny-pack as much as we are pro-gay-marriage. Hetero marriage, on the other hand, we can pretty much take or leave.
2. There is absolutely no reason to ever drink and drive. Added bonus: Spontaneous, fascinating conversations with cab drivers.
I'll have lived in Manhattan for ten years this spring (longer than SF or Fort Lauderdale) and I've probably seen less than 10% of the city. I still sometimes need a subway map if I venture below Houston or above 86th (and always on my rare trips off the island.) I haven't owned a car (much less driven one) in a decade and the last time I did my own laundry was in a previous century. But I also live in an apartment with a rent that would cover the mortgage on a lovely Wilton Manors pool home and that is so small that I can reach into my fridge without getting up from my desk. It's totally worth it.

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