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It's National Anti-Pornography Week

This is Morality In Media's annual White Ribbon Against Pornography week and they would like you to start demanding that the police enforce all those laws about folks legally purchasing the legally-made smut featuring legally consenting adults.
"The reason we have continued to promote the campaign is because people all across the country find it to be a convenient way for them to express their opposition to pornography and their support for a standard of decency in the community," explains Bob Peters, head of Morality in Media. Bob PetersEven though the Supreme Court has partially corrected the problem, one of the reasons for the proliferation of pornography is court decisions. "Another main reason why we have so much pornography in our country is because people don't complain," Peters suggests. "They don't make complaints to the police; they don't make complaints to their local or state prosecutor; they don't make complaints to the U.S. attorneys and they don't make complaints to members of Congress, to mayors, to city legislators and state legislators."
Please support Morality In Media by tying a white ribbon around your tingly parts and emailing a photo of same to Christine O'Donnell.

RELATED: The Evidence For God blog wants you know that sex with robots is always wrong and that is where we are headed if we don't stop interweb porn, like, right now.

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