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MONTANA: Tea Party Rep Introduces Bill Declaring Global Warming "Beneficial"

Newly elected Tea Party-backed Montana GOP state Rep. Joe Read has introduced a bill declaring that global warming is not only natural, it benefits the economy of his state. From Montana House Bill 429:
The legislature finds that to ensure economic development in Montana and the appropriate management of Montana’s natural resources it is necessary to adopt a public policy regarding global warming.

(2) The legislature finds:
(a) global warming is beneficial to the welfare and business climate of Montana;
(b) reasonable amounts of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere have no verifiable impacts on the environment; and
(c) global warming is a natural occurrence and human activity has not accelerated it.
In an interview with Think Progress, Read says he didn't consult any scientists before authoring his bill. Because global warming is a giant financial scam run by the federal government.

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