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NEW YORK: Pro-Gay Democrat To Replace U.S. Rep. Chris "Craigslist" Lee

Erie County Clerk Kathy Hochul, who supports same-sex marriage and the repeal of DADT, last night won the special election to replace Rep. Chris Lee (R), who resigned earlier this year after being exposed for cruising Craigslist for women other than his wife. The election largely turned on the GOP's campaign to dismantle Medicare.
“Today, the Republican plan to end Medicare cost Republicans $3.4 million and a seat in Congress,” said Rep. Steve Israel (N.Y.), the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “And this is only the first seat.” Even before voters went to the polls Tuesday, Republicans played down the significance of the race and particularly its relevance to the debate about Medicare’s future. “I know this town loves to take signals from individual races. I think the best signal you can take is the 63 seats that we picked up in November,” House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (Va.) told reporters Monday.
The GOP loser, Jane Corwin, had been supported by NOM.

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