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Satan Is The Best Gay Activist EVER

"Everybody on both sides of this issue full well knows the implications, that these are two locomotives coming at each other and those two locomotives cannot exist on the same track on the same time, and one is the radical homosexual agenda and the other one is religious liberty. They cannot be in the same country at the same time. People at the upper levels on both sides full well know that, they are fully, clearly aware that religious liberties, the capacity to worship God as we do, will be shut down if the radical gay homosexual agenda actually succeeds. If I were Satan, this is key, if I were Satan, I would want to destroy the image of God on the planet. How do you do that? You’ve got to destroy the institution of marriage. If I were Satan I would want to destroy marriage on earth with divorce, I would want to destroy it with redefinition." - Three-time Hairpiece Olympics gold medalist Pastor Jim Garlow, once again declaring that Satan is orchestrating the gay marriage movement. (Via Right Wing Watch)

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Pastor Jim Garlow calls for an armed uprising against the nation's gay people. Pastor Jim Garlow claims that Prop 8 passed because he personally fasted and prayed for it. Pastor Jim Garlow claims that Christians who hate homosexuals will be rewarded with an eternal celestial orgy when they reach heaven.

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