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About That Bill To Ban "Ex-Gay" Therapy

I should have pointed it out myself, but Jim Burroway makes the astute observation that California's pending bill to ban "ex-gay" therapy would only apply to licensed mental health professionals. Parents would still be completely free to ship their poor child off to whatever crackpot dirtbag preacher they found on the internet.

Burroway also outlines another way around the pending law:
This is trickier but equally important, and it goes to the very heart of the dishonesty of some of the ex-gay therapists who are licensed. Professional therapists already have a problem in billing insurance companies for their clients who are trying to change their sexual orientation: Insurance companies won’t foot the bill. There is no code in the Diagnostics and Statistical Manual (DSM) for homosexuality, and a code is always required in insurance forms in order to be compensated. So how do those therapists get paid? Easy. As I’ve personally heard a number of ex-gay therapists explain it, their clients are invariably distressed, anxious, depressed, and so forth. And there's a whole smorgasbord of codes for them to chose from.
Read the full article on Box Turtle Bulletin.

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