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"Ex-Gay" Activist Anthony Falzarono Dies

Anthony Falzarono, the "ex-gay" activist perhaps best known for founding PFOX, died this week. His death was announced last night on Twitter by Peter LaBarbera and no cause has yet been learned although Falzarono was leaving blistering comments on pro-gay websites as recently as two days ago.

Falzarono's single mention on JMG was via the photo above, which was taken last year when he demonstrated against same-sex marriage in New York state. However he was one of the most bizarre characters in the "ex-gay" world, having issued several conflicting personal histories, one of which claims that he was a male prostitute hired by the infamous Roy Cohn. The one consistent theme throughout Falzarono's various narratives was that gay people are the personal agents of Satan on Earth.

Most recently Falzarono has been on a crusade against Exodus International head Alan Chambers, who earlier this year declared that not one person has ever actually been "cured" of their homosexuality. I recommend visiting Box Turtle Bulletin for Jim Burroway's extensive obituary on Falzarono and his completely fucking wasted life.

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